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What You Should Know about the Solar Panel Technology

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The two predominant solar technologies that you can pick from are the photovoltaic solar panels and the thermal solar panels. Photovoltaic solar panels utilize several varieties of cells to transform sunlight into energy. Thermal solar panels, on the other hand, utilize sunlight to effectively heat air or water for use inside your home.

On the off chance that your home uses a great deal of energy for heating then the solar thermal technology will work for you best. The same is true if you live somewhere heating fuel is more expensive than electricity. However, solar thermal panels are not as common as the photovoltaic ones, which mean it can be hard to locate a qualified installer.  

Connecting to the Grid  

How you connect to the grid may differ depending upon where you live. However, the rule is that whenever you’re connecting to a utility, you need to make the necessary blueprint. Do you need to pay before you can connect to the grid? How does that the process take? Once you’re connected, how will you be credited for the power that you created?  

Crediting pertains to net-metering, which means the utilities will reimburse the roof solar with the rate they charge other customers for power usage. However, rules on reimbursement vary greatly from state to state so be sure that you know what is being enforced in yours before doing anything.  

Always put your power efficiency in check. The quantity of solar energy that you have to create relies upon the amount you that utilize. So it will work well for you if you can cut down your usage to a reasonable quantity before paying for the solar panels. Begin with an energy audit and determine the efficiency upgrades that you’ll need overhauls before drawing up electrical blueprints. 

How to Choose a Solar Panel Installer 

Hiring a solar panel installer is not different from hiring any other professional to install any improvement in your home. Just remember that solar panel installation consists of home improvement and electrical work. Accreditations and references are particularly necessary.  

Hire someone who well-versed in handling electrical installations and has many years of experience in the field. Also, you have to ask for their accreditations from the reputable boards and organizations. And because solar panels are a major investment, don’t be reluctant to get a couple of quotes from other service providers.  

Hiring the Right People 

While it is quite hard to anticipate, try to find an organization that will still be around for the lifetime of your solar panels. Solar cells don’t have moving parts so they won’t need any maintenance or support anytime soon. Even so, if anything stops working amid the guaranteed time frame that it will work, you’d prefer to have your installer around to settle the issue. 

If you need help in installing any type of solar panel in Perth, the first thing that you have to do is search for service providers near you and do a background check on them. You want to be served by people who have been trusted in the field of solar panel installations to ensure yourself of the best results. 

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6 Important Component of Foundation Construction 

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If you’re wondering how the house that are hundreds of years old are still standing today, it’s because of their strong foundation. In every building construction, the foundation should be well-planned because it’s going to be where the house or building would be built upon. It will carry the entire load of such structures. With a weak foundation, the building is likely to fall off the ground flat.

That’s why the materials used should be strong too. To make sure that the contractors are not using cheap materials, ask the expertise of foundation repair Enid professionals about such materials. The basic components are the following.


This is the commonly used material in every type of construction. We can also say that it’s the most versatile because you can see them everywhere, in almost every type of structure. The concrete in the foundation is such a great combination. Concrete slabs are used as the base and the underground walls can be made of poured concrete. The construction is fixed and easy when you use concrete in your foundation.

When constructing a foundation made of concrete, frames are constructed first. The concrete is going to be poured in the frames until it becomes hard and dry. The wooden frames are removed. After that, the foundation and the wall can finally support each other.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are like bricks, but made of concrete. When constructing a foundation made of concrete blocks, it is easy because they can be layered on top of each other. This material is light even though it looks super heavy. Choose the heavy duty ones in the market for the foundation construction because the light ones won’t be good for a foundation.


When you work with concrete, metal reinforcements are needed too. The metals are added once the concrete is hard and dry. The metal acts as an added strength to the foundation. So concrete and metal is a great combination for a strong foundation.


Aside from concrete, you can also use wood for the construction of the foundation. It could be a sturdy base for the house that you’re constructing. Choose the pressure-treated woods so the foundation won’t experience rotting or pest infestation. When choosing for this type of wood, don’t choose the one that are not treated with pressure.

Bricks and Stones

There are still foundations that are made of bricks and stones, most of these foundations are found on old houses. Hundreds of years ago, these materials are popular among households because of its strength and durability. However, they are not as popular now because of the gaps that the water and moisture can get through.

Waterproof Materials

When constructing the foundation, you should make sure that the materials are waterproof. If you have a crawlspace of basement which is susceptible to flooding, you have to be aware of the waterproofed materials. This will help you minimize the moisture build-up and water damage.

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